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Art Versatile is an artistic space, especially create for evocative African art.

Founded in 2008 by Litha Ncokazi, a practising visual artist and entrepreneur with vast university lecturing experience, Art Versatile is a value-driven art and design establishment based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province in the coastal town of East London.

An Art Versatile product is a product which tells a story of the South African people’s rich and diverse cultures. It tells a story of the endearing African people’s philanthropy and their values of Ubuntu.

It is a product which embodies our promise of offering evocative African art experience, allowing you to participate in a typical Art Versatile creative process of designing, creating and packaging artwork of premium quality and international standard.

Art Versatile has two operating units viz, Art Versatile Ceramics and Gallery Art Versatile. Art Versatile Ceramics operations are carried out from well-furnished and equipped ceramics studio premises in Arcadia, East London with a floor size of 100 square meters.

Art Versatile has seen steady growth and has developed into a strong brand in the creative and tourism sector over the past few years, owing to support of enterprise development schemes of Tsogo Sun and SAB brought into the company.

By virtue of being a company which operates strategically positioned tourist attraction business units in East London, Art Versatile has been part of the ongoing South African Tourism Hidden Gems Programme from inception.

As a result of the significant investment the SA Tourism Hidden Gems Programme brought into the company, brand Art Versatile has been represented at Africa’s Travel Indaba for over 3 years now, a time during which strong business networks were built.

The Art Versatile team of competent, unique and warm individuals, under the leadership of Litha Ncokazi, understands the value of building a brand that resonates with people’s cultural identity and values.

Each day we strive to build Art Versatile into that stronger and trusted brand that brings life in the life of every person it touches.

Ubuntu Calabash

Our most valuable assets, meet the team.

  • Litha Ncokazi
    Litha Ncokazi Founder / Managing Director / Resident Artist

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  • Zuko Njikija
    Zuko Njikija Marketing and Sales Director

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  • Nozuko Ncokazi
    Nozuko Ncokazi Director of HR and Admin

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